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A quilting tool for the rest of us . . .

Have you ever wished you had room in your house for a nice, big design wall, to place your blocks on?

A screenshot of the quilt editing interface
Change the colors of your lattice-work and borders on the fly!
Quilters, you are in luck - Ole Frog Eyes is here!

Ole Frog Eyes is a virtual design wall for quilters to display their progress on their UFOs and block of the month projects. Hosted by our mascot, Padsworth, this site gives you the opportunity to share with guild buddies in a quick, convenient way.

View the gallery!

Just say the word and be whisked away to the gallery where you can click on a name and look at some quilts!

Each quilter who subscribes can add a short bio in the About Me section, and can create up to six quilts at a time on the virtual wall. Padsworth says these advantages are worth considering:

Watch a tutorial!

Padsworth even has a tutorial on youtube that helps you get started posting photos - but by the time you've done it twice, it'll be old hat!

You can add borders, lattice work and more - audition colors and change them on the fly. Place the widget (badge) on your blog so that your followers can check out your progress. Competition on shared projects will be fierce!

It's affordable. It's easy. Pay with paypal and get started! Register today and enjoy a year's worth of virtual design!

Padsworth and the gang

Elby 2015-05-30 08:08:53 UTC
Check out our awesome blog, Lily Pad Quilting --- you'll love it! :)